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June 2020

Puya, Laichat amasung Physical Distancing

_Michael Samjetsabam COVID 19 laichat asina maram oiduna Bharat ki meeyam angakpa fangna waare. Mee seebagi chang hengatlaktuna laichat asi pak chaona sandokpa mafam ama Bharat ngasidi oire. Senmitlon gi…

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I am an Indigenous Nupi Maanbi, I am not a Bahujan: Santa Khurai

Round Table India recently published an interview of Santa Khurai, a prominent Meitei Nupi Maanbi activist, writer and artist from Manipur as a part of the series called “Bahujan perspective…

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Why Axone is Less About Confronting Racism and More About Comforting Racists

~ Cecil Thounaojam Unlike Axone, the indigenous food, Axone (the film) is a mayang recipe specially made digestible for the mainlanders on the discourse of racism in India, with a…

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Wari Watai with Santa Khurai

Anouba Meerol presents an interview of Santa Khurai, a Meitei Nupi Maanbi from Manipur. She narrates the experiences of trans-community during the ongoing lockdown and the economic and social difficulties…

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“Houjik Tougadaba Karino?”: Lamyanba Irabot ki Wareng

Wareng gi matang da “Houjik Tougadaba Karino?” hairiba Lamyanba Irabot ki wareng asi ehan hanba oina 1932 da Yakairol gi May-June tha gi chefong da fongkhibani. Wareng asi Lamyanba Irabot…

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Class-Insensitive Online Education and Santa Khurai’s Initiative

The lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic has created problems for everyone, but the poor are suffering the most. Although many measures have been taken to meet their basic needs, the…

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